ABV: Alcohol by volume.

BITTERS: Flavorful infusion of spices, fruit and bitter root. Check out the Bag End Cobbler using Bitters.

DASH: Approximately 1ml

DRAM: A small drink of whiskey or other spirits. Check out the Happy Dramsgiving using Dram.

FALERNUM: Lime, ginger, clove mixture out of Barbados. No alcohol syrup, or low proof liqueur.

FASSIONALA: The lost Tiki ingredient. Made from passion fruit, guava, hibiscus, papaya, cherry.

FIZZ’S: Defining features are citrus and soda. From the sours family.

FLIP’S: Originally described as a mix of ale, rum and sugar.

LAPSANG SOUCHONG: A variety of souchong tea with a smoke flavor.

NEAT: Nothing added/served at room temperature.

OLD FASHIONED: Made up of spirit, sugar, bitter & water.

OLEO SACCHARUM: Citrus, sugar oil.

ORGEAT: Syrup made from almonds, sugar, orange or rose flower water. Originally made with barley. Essential in Tiki cocktails. Pistachios, hazelnuts can substitute. Check out the Juniper Nut Tart using Orgeat.

PUNCH: 5 components. Spirit, citrus, spice, sweet agent & water. Check out these 14 punches + recipes.

ROCKS: To serve over ice.

SHRUB: Sharp tangy infusion of fruit, vinegar and sugar. Can be made with spices, veges, herbs, etc. Back in the day used to preserve fruit, and really bring out flavor. Check out the Crisp Harvest using Shrub.

SPLASH: Approximately 2-3ml

STILL OR SPARKLING: Water or water with effervescence.

TIKI: In Polynesian mythology, Tiki is the first man, or the god who created him. Wooden idol.

TINCTURE: One ingredient, typically an alcoholic extract of plant or animal material.

TIPPLE: An alcoholic beverage/to drink alcohol.

UP: To chill a cocktail, and strain into a vessel with no ice.

VERMOUTH: Fortified wine